Working very close with investors and developers our knowledge expanded to cover all aspects of the development not only from design and construction aspects only.
Working with major developers in Oman to develop a number of tourism projects that will satisfy the international standard and addressing issues related to the very unique character.
K-12 Education
Working with the most prestigious school in Oman, we had a target of designing a modular class rooms & amenities that will offer the ideal environment for the students.
We create a unique approach to residential design by promoting a minimal and contemporary architecture with a local influence.
Developing a design for sport facilities and recreation that orients around health and wellbeing of the community.
Delivering a number of Master Plan schemes to MoD in Oman, including the new Sultan Army Forces Medical City...
Considering the requirements of every stakeholder in the organization was the first task that we took along the corporate brand ..
The task involved many professionals from different backgrounds from the architects, AV specialists, conservation team etc.